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The wellness treatments at the Sayonara – Nature & Wellness Hotel include a wide range of experiences, from the more traditional such as face and body massages, face treatments and solarium, to those that most distinguish us, such as immersion in the Nuvola tub or a massage lying on the Zero1 massage bed.
Treatments can also be customised to suit your needs.

Wellness Packages

venere package

  • Harmony of the Dolomites Massage
  • Body Wrap Treatment
  • Duration: 105 minutes

Price € 105
On sale € 90

silk skin package

  • Dry Body Scrub
  • Candle Massage
  • Duration: 80 minutes

Price € 95
On sale € 80

active package

  • Maori Massage
  • Hot Stones Application
  • Duration: 75 minutes

Price € 85
On sale € 70

nuvola package

  • Detox Treatment
  • Mini face treatment
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Price € 95
On sale € 70

Nuvola tub

Have you ever thought about how nice and soft it would be to be sleeping on a cloud?

A dream come true with our Nuvola tub, a one of a kind bed that allows a total regeneration: by immersing yourself in an embracing mattress, filled with warm water at a constant temperature, you will have the sensation of being suspended, as if floating on a cloud…

The no gravity effect, chromotherapy and aromatherapy, gentle water pressure and its constant temperature allow the active ingredients of any treatment to be absorbed to the fullest. In addition, there are beneficial effects on microcirculation and tissue oxygenation, and it boosts the immune system’s defences.

The most remarkable benefit is related to relaxation: in fact, one hour of sleep in the Nuvola tub is comparable to 8 hours on a normal bed and has no contraindications whatsoever, and is recommended for everyone.


Zero1 is a massage bed with moving water. The sensation of a gentle wave caressing your body, combined with the pleasure of a massage will make you imagine you are on the seashore…a relaxation that goes far beyond a classic treatment.

The experience is complemented by chromotherapy and aromatherapy, made possible by an aroma holder positioned under the face hole.

Thanks to the Zero1 sensory experience, you will imagine being somewhere else just by closing your eyes: this allows a muscular relaxation that will release even the hardest tensions, facilitating and amplifying the benefits of the masseur’s work.

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